Facebook Conversion Blueprint Ebook Pdf


22% of the world’s population is made up of active Facebook users and a study in 2015 found that 52% of consumers were influenced when making purchases!

When it comes to building awareness, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for ads is around $7.29 versus upwards of $35 for television commercials.

Business executives need to read this because this is a proven path to getting the sales that you need in your business.

After setting up and running various campaigns using Facebook Advertising for myself and my clients, I have finally discovered a particular sequence. This system has proved to be consistent in producing the right kind of result using Ads.

I’ve developed a proven Blueprint any business can use to:

  • Create Facebook ads that stand out.
  • Quickly get your ads in front of A LOT of people who want your products and services with minimal investment upfront.
  • Convert traffic into customer and business.


This is a complete eBook that aims to teach the exact process I use to drive traffic, generate leads and attract prospects for my clients.

This book will teach you to generate and convert traffic to customers if you’ve got a product or service, that isn’t getting desired attention.

What Will You Master Through This Book?

  • Three factors always responsible for 70% success
  • Step by step formula for writing and developing the 5 parts of Facebook Ad copy.
  • The complete inside working of Facebook Advertising.
  • The step by step process of setting and running a Facebook Ad.
  • Steps to take to convert traffic to buying customers.

If you purchase the Facebook Customer Conversion Blueprint book and follow all steps and exercises with proof, but still have no visible change, I’ll give you a refund!